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How to Create Email Groups in Gmail

How to Create Email Groups in Gmail

Gmail is one of the most preferred email clients around the world. Often a person will need to email several contacts at once. While sending the same email to a group of people in Gmail is a tiring task, there are great tricks that will make your job easier. If you email the same group of people regularly, you can reduce the time wasted by creating email groups in Gmail.

Sending emails to groups is more common in our business and personal lives. You can use groups for your project team at work and for your family members at home. Creating email groups for distribution lists in Gmail can save you a lot of time.

After setting up the group, you put it in the email and contact several people with one message. If you’ve never done this before, we highly recommend that you set it up in Gmail.

This post will show you how to create a group email in Gmail using the default method. Let’s get started.

What is an Email Group

Email group (contact group) is a collection of email IDs to send email frequently. When an admin sends an email to an email group, all the contacts on that group label receive the same email.

Use Google Contacts to Create Gmail Groups

Google Contacts is the best way to save online contacts because it works with all the devices you have. The majority use Google ID to store contacts. A separate Google app, Contacts manages all the contacts you see and access in Gmail.

Here is a step by step guide on how to create a Gmail group to send bulk emails.

Step 1: Open Gmail on the web and sign in using your Google account credentials.

Step 2: Click the Google Apps icon in the upper right corner.


Step 3: Hover over the contact you want to add to the mailing list and click the checkbox to select it. Repeat for each contact you want to add to the list.

Step 4: Make sure every contact you add has an email associated with it. Otherwise, they won’t appear on the label when you open the email later.

Step 5: After selecting each contact, click the Label icon and then click the Create label button.


Step 6: Label the relevant names and then click Save to create a contact list.


You can create as many labels as you want in Google Contacts. Don’t forget to give them relevant names like Family, Office, Business, Client and more.

Sending Emails Using Email Groups in Gmail

Now that you’ve created a list with labels, it’s time to send emails using Gmail. Follow the steps to use labels in Gmail.

Step 1: Open Gmail on the web.

Step 2: Tap the Write button at the top left corner.


Step 3: From the New Mail window, start typing the name you gave the label and then click on the suggestion that appears below the text field.

Step 4: After selecting a label, fill in the email and then click the Send button to send it to everyone in the group list.


The process will send the exact same email to everyone in the group.

Edit Group Email in Gmail

If you recently expanded your family or work group with new members, you can add them to the Google Contacts group. Complete the steps below to edit an email group.

Step 1: Open Google Contacts on the web.

Step 2: First you have to create a new contact with relevant details such as first / last name, mobile number and email.

Step 3: You will see the newly added contacts in the Google Contacts menu.


Step 4: Just select a contact and tap the Label menu at the top. Select the label where you want to add a contact.

Step 5: Alternatively, you can drag and drop the contact to the appropriate label in the label menu.


At any time, you can hover over the label name and select edit to change the label name. You can also tap the delete icon to delete the created group.

Email Group Limits

Gmail groups may seem easy to send email to a group of people at once. But the devil is the detail. There are some restrictions on Gmail groups that you need to be aware of.

  • While you can easily send group emails in Gmail, creating a group email is time consuming. Also, you need to make sure that you have added the email ID of each contact you wish to add to the group.
  • Email follow-up is difficult. Let’s say you have sent an email to a group of people. Some of them responded while some did not. You’ll need to compile individual follow-up emails for each email address and send multiple emails manually.
  • Gmail groups have no personalization. You can’t customize your group email for individual recipients. Generic emails don’t make a good impression compared to detailed, tailor-made emails.

Use Gmail Like a Pro

Gmail mailing lists or group emails can be an excellent feature for many small and medium businesses. This feature allows you to reach as many people as you want without rewriting or copy-pasting the same email. On an individual level, it declares the email process and saves resources and time for you.

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