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How to find the mean in Excel

How to find the mean in Excel

You might find yourself working on a spreadsheet and suddenly you need to find an average of a few numbers. You can add all the cells together and divide by the total number, but it is often slow and tiring. If you really want to save time, you must know how to find the mean in Excel.

Just like almost every other feature, you can achieve your goals in several different ways. Yes, you can add and divide as mentioned above, but there are several formulas that can help you.

How to find the mean in Excel:

In Excel, there are four different formulations that you can use. The formula is:

AVERAGE – returns an average set of numbers
AVERAGEA – returns an average of any data including numbers, booleans, and text
AVERAGEIF – find cell averages based on a single criterion
AVERAGEIFS – find the cell average based on several criteria

For this guide, we will start with the basic AVERAGE formula.

1. Say you have the spreadsheet shown below. Now you want to get an average of cells B2 through B8.


2. Start with = AVERAGE (in the formula bar.


3. Add the cell that you want to use. Either type B2: B8 make sure to separate it with a colon or click and drag from B2 to B8.


4. Press Enter and you will see the results.


If you want to take a more specific set of data – in our example, we will use apple – you might find it better to use the AVERAGEIF formula.

1. Starting the same way as above, enter = AVERAGEIF (into the formula bar.


2. Now you must enter two sets of information in the formula. First, enter A2: A8 to find only fruit cells. Then enter A2 to note that you want to search for apples. The final part of the formula you must read B2: B8 to find your average sales. The formula should read as follows: = AVERAGEIF (A2: A8, A2, B2: B8).


3. Press enter to see your results!


The AVERAGEIFS formula works the same way as the AVERAGEIF formula, but you can use several criteria.

What else can I do in Excel?

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