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How to Fix ‘Your PC is in Trouble’ BSOD Error

How to Fix 'Your PC is in Trouble' BSOD Error

Here’s how to fix the ‘Your PC Is in Trouble …’ Error Message.

Well, there is no doubt that Windows 10 is currently the most popular desktop operating system. Compared to every other desktop operating system, Windows 10 has more features. However, unlike other desktop OSs, Windows 10 is not without its flaws.

Ordinary users often deal with different types of errors when using Windows. Driver errors, BSOD errors, frequent crashes, etc. It’s nothing new for Windows users. Sometimes, the BSOD appears without any error messages. It just says ‘your PC has a problem and needs to restart

How to Fix ‘Your PC is in Trouble’ BSOD Error

So if you are getting such an error on Windows too, keep reading the article. In this article, we are going to share some of the best methods to fix the ‘Your PC has Troubled and Needs to Restart’ error message.

  1. Unplug All External Devices


Well, if you just installed a new Hard Drive, SSD or Pen Drive then you need to unplug it. The same goes for a mouse, keyboard, Bluetooth, or WiFi Adapter too. An error message appears when Windows 10 fails to install a suitable driver for an external hardware device.

Sometimes, faulty hardware also triggers ‘Your PC Has Become a Problem’ error message. So, before trying any other method, make sure to unplug all external devices, and have them checked.

  1. Uninstall Recently Added Software


Well, if you get an error message after installing new software then that software could be the culprit. The same is true for Antivirus applications too.

So, just open the Control Panel and check the recently installed apps. You will need to uninstall the newly added software to fix the error message ‘Your PC Has Become Problems and Needs to Restart’.

  1. Restore Driver


For those who don’t know, a Driver is a software that helps the operating system control the hardware. Windows 10 automatically installs the latest drivers for graphics cards, printers, network adapters, etc. To ensure compatibility with the latest versions of Windows.

However, sometimes driver updates can break your system, leading to ‘your PC having problems and needing to restart’ a BSOD error. So, open Device Manager and roll back the drivers. You can also choose to uninstall the device from Device Manager. This will force Windows 10 to reinstall the device along with the drivers when you restart it.

You can also follow our article – How to Easily Update Drivers on Your Windows PC to install the latest version of drivers.

  1. Update the Operating System


Well, you have to update your operating system regularly to ensure better performance. The BSOD error might have occurred due to a software incompatibility which was resolved in the latest update.

So, without further delay, head to Settings> Update & Security. Under Updates & Security, click on the ‘Check for updates‘ button and install all pending updates.

There she is! You are done. This is how you can fix the ‘Your PC Has Troubled and Needs Restarting’ error message.

So, this article is all about how to fix the ‘Your PC Has Become Problematic and Needs Restart’ error message. I hope this article helped you! Please share it with your friends too.

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