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How to Limit Screen Time on Xbox One

How to Limit Screen Time on Xbox One

Whether you keep your kids from too much time on screen or try to set your own play habits, Microsoft allows you to limit when accounts in your Microsoft Family Group can come in and play on your Xbox One.

Microsoft works hard to ensure that parents have easy access to user-friendly tools, which can control all aspects that shape our digital lives. With Microsoft Family Group, you can easily manage a healthier schedule so that certain accounts in your group can use Xbox One and for how long. To access these settings, open any browser, and navigate to the Microsoft Family Group website.

First, you want to create a Family Group, which you can do through this website or on your Windows 10 PC. Next, from the main page of your Microsoft Family Group, scroll down to the family member you want to set the screen time for. Click “Screen Time.”


By default, all screen timeouts are deactivated. To manage the Xbox One schedule for this account, click the toggle button next to “Xbox One.”


This will open a weekly calendar that you can use to create a time window where your account can access the Xbox One. Click on “Schedule” for every day to open it.


A pop-up menu will open where you can add a time period in which access is allowed for this account. Choose a time when the game can start under the “From” drop-down menu, then choose a time when the game will automatically end under the “To” drop-down menu.

You can set several time periods during certain days of the week. Don’t worry about getting kicked automatically from Xbox One; You will receive a notification every time your screen is running out.


You can set several time periods during certain days of the week. After you set the schedule for each day, you can also set the total amount of time an account can play each day, even if the schedule is set to contain more hours.

By default, you will have access to the maximum amount of time possible for each day. If you want to reduce access to only 30 minutes between 3 and 5 nights, for example, click the drop-down menu under “Time Limits.”


Here, you can choose how long this account can be played on that day. If you want to reverse this schedule, you can choose “Blocked,” and the schedule that you created will represent when the account is not permitted to access Xbox One.

If you also want to apply this schedule to this account for Windows 10, switch the “Use One Schedule For All Devices” setting to “On.”


Remember that you will use your allotment of the day just by logging into an active Xbox One, so make sure to exit when you are not playing to maintain the efficiency of your game.

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