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How to Make a Dial-In Conference with the Microsoft Team

How to Make a Dial-In Conference with the Microsoft Team

Microsoft Teams provides reliable business collaboration and communication tools through desktop, web and mobile applications. While most audio calls are made through the application, the Team uses audio conferencing to make anyone easily call using a telephone number.

How to get started with Audio Conferencing on the Microsoft Team

If your meeting will only be audio, you can improve the quality of those who have limited internet access by preparing an audio conference. This audio conference is not part of the free Team package. You can use this Microsoft page to view your country’s rates either through a subscription or pay per minute package.

Anyone who sets up an audio conference will need a Microsoft Team Addition license or a full license for Microsoft 365. Depending on the license chosen by your organization, you might also need an audio conference license available through the Office 365 Enterprise E5 trial. If your organization does not have a telephone system, you might also need a Microsoft Telephone System license.

You can manage all of your product licenses from the Microsoft Admin Center. See all your personnel from this center by expanding the “Users” drop-down menu on the left and selecting “Active Users.” Click the three vertical dots next to the username for which you want to grant a license, then select “Manage Product Licenses.”


In the new panel that appears on the right, open the “License” drop-down menu and make sure that the necessary licenses are activated.


If you have chosen a pay-per-minute audio conference package, you may need to arrange a Communication Credit for people in your organization who need to arrange an audio conference. Although Microsoft is the standard telephone service provider for audio conferencing in Teams, you can choose to use a third-party audio conferencing service if you already have one integrated into your organization.

How to Organize an Audio Conference on the Microsoft Team

After your Microsoft license is complete, you can set your audio conference telephone number through the Microsoft Team Admin Center. Open the “Sound” drop-down menu on the left, then select “Phone Number.”


Click “Add” to create a new telephone number. Alternatively, you can click “Port” if you want to transfer and existing telephone numbers from an audio conferencing service provider.


Select your country or region, type of number, location, area code, and number of the desired audio conference telephone number. You can click the “Information” icon next to most of these options to learn more about them. When finished, click “Next” at the bottom of the screen, and Microsoft will begin the process of setting your telephone number.


This phone number is automatically set based on availability in your area code, but you can always change the audio conference telephone number later. You can also set a default or alternative language for your audio conference.

After your telephone number is set, you are ready to start receiving calls as admin of your conference call channel. If desired, you can adjust meeting invitations to include additional information or resources.

Setting up an audio conference through the Microsoft Team is not the cheapest choice. However, this is a safe, reliable and accessible platform that provides enough documentation to guide you through various licensing issues and edge cases.

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