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How To Register For Philo Online Live Tv Service

How To Register For Philo Online Live Tv Service

Philo makes live TV more affordable with 50+ channels and unlimited DVR capabilities for $ 20 a month. With channels like Animal Planet, the Food Network, and the History Channel, Philo has something for everyone. Here’s how to register and get immediate access!

Philo advertises a free seven day trial. If you register for live TV services and on demand with a telephone number, you get unlimited access for 48 hours. After that, you must provide your credit card information to unlock your remaining five day trial.

If you use an email address to subscribe, you must provide your credit card information to get started.

Sign Up for Philo with Your Phone Number

On the Philo website, you will be asked to type in your telephone number to register for services. Do it, then click “Get started.”

You will receive a code and a link on your smartphone to register Philo. You can tap on the link to complete registration or “Enter Code Instead.” (These instructions cover the latter option.)

Type the code you received in the text message, then tap the arrow to continue.

You have now successfully registered for Philo! You can enjoy 48 hours of live TV free before you have to submit your credit card information.


Sign Up for Philo with Your Email Address

On the Philosophy website, type your email address in the “Start Your Subscription” box, then click “Start.”

This method requires that you provide Philo with your credit card information before the free trial. Type the information requested to continue.

After you type the information you need, click or tap “Subscribe.”

Philo now asks you to confirm your email address. In the email you receive, click “Register for Philo” to open the confirmation page.

After you confirm your email address, you will have unlimited free access to the Philo TV service directly and on demand for seven days until your trial period ends.

With the Philo streaming service, you get more than 50 live TV channels and DVRs at a fair price of $ 20 a month. Plus, you can watch content recorded up to 30 days after the original aired. You will never miss a season premiere or finale again!

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