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How to Remove Bloatware from a Chinese Cellphone without Root

How to Remove Bloatware from a Chinese Cellphone without Root

Chinese smartphones have expanded considerably in terms of quality and specifications. However, besides being very cheap, they have something in common. Bloatware! I have a Realme phone, and besides many additional applications such as browsers, news, weather, I also have to deal with the Oppo app store that appears every time I try to download an application from the Google Play Store. Even though you can’t delete all bloatware, you can still uninstall most of it. So, if you are not a fan of this application, here is How to Remove Bloatware from a Chinese Cellphone without Root.

How to remove Bloatware from your Chinese cellphone

This method uses Android Debug Bridge (ADB) and PC-Command-Line to delete applications from your mobile, you can not only use this to delete what you consider bloatware but also other applications. To remove bloatware from your cellphone, you will need three things, your cellphone, USB cable, and laptop (PC or Mac works). You also need to install ADB Minimal for (Windows | Mac) and the Package Viewer Application, which will help us in the next steps.

First, you must enable ‘USB Debugging’ in ‘Developers Options‘. But because this is a hidden menu, you have to activate it too. To do that, open Settings, and scroll down to About Phone and find Manufacturing Number. If you don’t find it in the About main Phone settings section, look for the Version option. Now tap and hold on Build Number until you see the prompt “You are now in Developer Mode”


After this head to the main Settings page again and select Additional Settings. Now scroll down to Developer Options and enable USB Debugging. This will display the Allow USB Debugging prompt, just press OK.


When finished, connect your cellphone to the laptop and select ‘Transfer File‘. You will also get a prompt asking for permission to ‘Always allow this computer to debug’. Tap the option to check off the confirmation and click Allow.

Now just open your phone’s root folder and type CMD in the toolbar that will open a command prompt window.

Before you continue and delete applications, you need the package name for each application that you must delete. Open the Package Viewer application that we installed in the first step and scroll to the application that you want to delete. Each Application will have a package similar to (Realme Store). Write this, because we will need it later.


Now you have to use the following command in the command line, type the adb device and press enter. This will indicate the serial number of the device installed. This means you are good to go. Next, type adb shell and press enter again.

This is the last step where we will uninstall the application using the command, pm cancel install -k -user 0 You can change the name of the application package with any application of your choice. Type the command and press enter again. That’s it, if you see a successful message, you have removed the application without problems!

Things to remember

I am sure you will try to remove all software from your phone immediately, but there is a problem. You will not find several applications in the package viewer and there is no way to delete them. One of them is the Oppo Store which Realme users can find. Second, do not delete any system applications, such as SystemUI, File Manager, Messaging application, Photos, etc. Because this is interdependent for the system to function properly.

Closing remarks

Most cell phone manufacturers provide the option to hide icons natively. If you don’t want to use the options above, you can use it to hide all the icons that you don’t want to see. Although this does not free up space or stop the application from watching you, it makes the app drawer look clean. You also have the option to disable some applications which is the best way to limit any type of access to the internet or your data. Finally, as stupid as it sounds, tap, and hold the application and you might get lucky if you see the uninstall option.

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