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How to Save Notes on Slack and Maintain Privacy

How to Save Notes on Slack and Maintain Privacy

Having a work record is a must. There is so much to remember that if you don’t keep it somewhere you end up forgetting something important.

At a glance, there is no place to save notes that you might want to keep in Slack. Because of this, you might have a separate notes application with your office notes. The place to store your notes has been staring at your face all this time.

How to Access and Use Your Personal Notes Room in Slack

When you open Slack, the last thing you might tend to do is tap your own name. Because you mainly use Slack to communicate with other people, you tap on the name of a coworker.

However, if you tap on your own name, you will access your own personal space where you can store all types of notes.


In your personal Slack space, you can also save files such as audio, documents, videos, and images. By tapping the camera icon you can upload pictures or take them with your device’s camera.

With the document icon, you can also upload images by tapping the image icon at the bottom right which you also need to tap to upload other types of files.

At the top, you will see the files are divided into sections such as Images, Audio, Video, etc. Tap the file that you want to save to upload it to your personal space on the slack.


To save the link in the slack, you can copy and paste the link as usual or you can tap the font icon, followed by the link option.


How to Make Reminders on Slack

After you enter your personal Slack space, tap the flash icon, followed by the Set myself as reminder option.


You will see an option to add the date, time and text. After you add the required information, tap on the Create option at the top right.


Saving your notes on Slack rather than having to open another application saves time. Slack may not have the note feature you might need for the useful note feature. What will you save in your personal space? Let me know in the comments below.

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