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How to Send Faxes Without a Fax Machine Using CocoFax

How to Send Faxes Without a Fax Machine Using CocoFax

Send and receive faxes online, hassle-free, and without a fax machine using CocoFax. Send from computers, smartphones, email, Google and more.

Critics have often said that faxing is an almost obsolete technology.

At one time, FTP and IoT technologies seemed like perfect alternatives, however, they still couldn’t outperform fax. The latter remains one of the safest ways to send documents and the easiest method of adding wet ink signatures to legal documents or other files.

Thankfully, the last few years have seen significant developments in the way we fax. Unlike in the past, when you needed a big, noisy fax machine to fax the other party, you can now do it from the comfort of your mobile device or computer, but not without the help of a fax routing service like CocoFax.

You Don’t Need A Fax Machine With CocoFax


CocoFax can be used in conjunction with everyday applications such as Dropbox, Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, and many more.

This platform allows you to fax documents in a manner similar to how you would send email. The difference is that email relies on digital technology while fax works with analog signals and wired devices.

The online fax service meets both analog fax requirements and digital e-mail technology requirements. All it takes to benefit from the service is to register on the platform. Subscribers also have access to a free fax number.

How to Send a Fax from a Computer Without a Fax Machine


On your dashboard, click New Fax. Enter the destination fax number in Add Recipient. You will see options for searching document to fax. The first is Add File, to be uploaded from a local computer or network drive.

Browse for the file in question and add it to the fax. Multiple documents can be faxed this way.

While you may think you’re ready to ship, several other options are available. Use the Settings icon to set the desired resolution for the file. Choose from Smooth, Standard, and Extraordinary.


If you want to add text, click the appropriate option, and add a message. Clicking Send Now will send the document to the receiving fax machine, accompanied by the default Fax Cover. To change it, use the Fax Cover Settings — nine variant templates are available, or you can upload your own template. You can set a template as the default or send it without a cover.

When the fax is successfully sent, you will receive a confirmation from CocoFax. Delivery reports are emailed and confirm the details of the fax message, including date and time, sender and recipient, duration of the sending process, and the number of pages. However, as with any system or service, it’s a good idea to call the intended recipient to confirm they received the fax successfully, just in case.

Meanwhile, sent faxes can be checked in the Sent folder, and documents sent to you are retrieved from the Inbox. Remember to only print documents for which you really need a physical copy!

Fax Documents From Cloud

Further options let you upload from a cloud service. Google Drive, Box, Dropbox and OneDrive are all provided.

To add documents from a cloud service to your fax message, select the appropriate provider and log in. You must allow CocoFax to access your account so that these documents can be easily shared.

Again, browse to find the document and then add it to the fax. Multiple documents from cloud storage can be added. Once you have finished selecting, complete the process as described above. Note that you can mix documents from cloud storage with those on your local computer.

Send Your Faxes With CocoFax

Sending a fax with CocoFax is easy. With support for local files and cloud drive uploads from major providers, all possible faxing possibilities are covered.

You can send faxes from your local computer or local and network attached storage. In addition, this service supports fax files that you have stored on the cloud drive, multiple cover sheet templates, and saved faxed copies of documents. For complete fax support, CocoFax also provides the ability to send a fax from email and offers integration with mobile applications and collaboration tools such as Slack.

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