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How to set up VPN for Roku

How to set up VPN for Roku

Roku is a media player brand that offers streaming from various online sources such as Netflix. This device is great for gathering your streaming services into a convenient package, but still experiencing some content that is blocked geographically, depending on where you live in the world.

Geographic blocking is the action taken by streaming companies and other websites to limit access to services based on your location. This limitation is usually because the service does not have the right to stream content in your location. The geo block determines your location from your IP address.

VPN is a standard tool for geo-blocking, because your IP address is replaced by the VPN server you are connecting to. This has the effect of making you appear on the location of the VPN server, even if it’s in a different country with different licensed content.

The Roku device does not directly support VPN configuration. However, you can configure VPN on a router or share a VPN connection from your computer, to have the same effect.

Tip: If you use VPN to change your location to another country, you need to create a Roku account based in 27the same country so you can recognize the location that was changed correctly. For example, you need a US account and a VPN server based in the US to access the US content library.

Configure VPN on your Router

You must connect to your router’s web administration page. To do this, you need the router’s IP address, which you can get by running the “ipconfig” command in the Command Prompt. You can open the Command Prompt by pressing Windows Key, typing “cmd”, then pressing enter. Type the command “ipconfig” into the Command Prompt window and you can find the router’s IP address listed as “Default Gateway”. IP addresses must start with 192.168, have a third number, and then end with one.

After obtaining an IP address, you can access the router’s web interface by exploring the IP address in your web browser. You must log in to the router to add a VPN configuration, you can usually find the admin password at the bottom or side of the router unless you have changed it in the past.

You can usually find the VPN configuration page in the network configuration settings, or in the “WAN” (Wide Area Network) settings. After you find the VPN settings, you must enter the VPN configuration details manually provided by your VPN provider, the exact details will vary between providers.


Enter VPN details on the VPN configuration page on your router.

After you apply the VPN settings, you must browse to on the connected device. VPN works if the location displayed matches the VPN server.

Share VPN from your Computer

If you already have a VPN configured on your computer, it’s easy to share your VPN connection with your Roku device. To do this, open the Settings application to Cellular Hotspot settings, under Networks & Internet. You can access this page directly by pressing the Windows key, typing “Mobile hotspot settings”, and pressing enter.

You need to select a VPN network from the drop-down box, because this is the network connection that you want to share. You can configure the hotspot name and password by pressing the “Edit” button.

After configuring the hotspot as desired, you can activate it by clicking the slider at the top labeled “Share my Internet connection with other devices” to the “On” position.


Configure VPN to share via hotspot.

Now you only need to connect your Roku device to your hotspot, and then you can watch location-restricted content.

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