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How to Share Your Screen at a Zoom Meeting

How to Share Your Screen at a Zoom Meeting

Because most of the global workforce now works remotely, the need for video conferencing has increased – and so has the popularity of Zoom. In a Zoom call, you might end up needing to share your screen with participants. This is how you do it.

Share Your Screen During a Call

As a host of Zoom calls, you can share your screen at any time. During a call, select the “Share Screen” button at the bottom of the window.

Or, use the Alt + S key shortcut (Command + Shift + S for Mac) on Windows 10.

You will now be in the “Basic” tab in the share screen options window. Here, you can choose which screen you want to share (if you are connected to multiple monitors), specific applications that are currently open (such as Word, Chrome, Slack, etc.), or Whiteboard.


After you select the screen you want to share, click the “Share” button in the lower right corner of the window.


To stop screen sharing, click the red “Stop Sharing” button at the top of the screen that you are sharing. Or, use the Alt + S shortcut key (Command + Shift + S for Mac).


Allow Participants to Share Their Screens

Due to the increase in the new Zoombombing trend, we recommend that you keep your Zoom calls as safe as possible. However, in some cases, participants may need to share their screens.

During the meeting, select the arrow next to “Screen Sharing” at the bottom of the window. From the menu that appears, select “Advanced Sharing Options.”


The “Advanced Sharing Options” window will appear. Here, you can choose who can share their screens, when they can share their screens, and how many participants can share their screens at the same time.


That’s all it takes to share your screen in a Zoom meeting!

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