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How to Stop the Edge From Running in the Background

How to Stop the Edge From Running in the Background

Most chromium-based browsers run in the background even when the browser is closed or minimized. Typically, this is useful for showing notifications, keeping downloads active, or sometimes using extensions. However, more often than not, it can slow down your computer and drain your laptop battery. Here’s how to stop all web browsers from running in the background.

Before we start

Make sure you check for extensions and Web applications that may not work after we turn off background usage. For example, I used an extension called “Chrometana”. This extension redirects Start menu web searches from Bing to Google. Because the extension actively monitors Start Menu queries, the browser instance is active even when the browser is closed.

If you’re using a similar extension that requires the browser to remain active for it to work, it’s not a good idea to continue. However, if you don’t have such a dependency, here’s how to do it.

Stop Edge From Running in the Background

To stop Edge from running in the background, look for the Edge icon in the system tray or bottom toolbar. Right click on the Edge icon and you will see the Chrome extension or app name in the context menu. In my case, you can see the “Chrometana – Redirect Bing Somewhere Better” extension working in the background.

From the context menu, uncheck “Leave Microsoft Edge running in the background” to disable Edge running in the background.


Or, if you can’t find the notification in the system tray because you have logged out of the browser, don’t worry. There are other ways. Open the Edge browser and type “edge: // settings” in the Edge Omnibox.


On the Settings page, click on the System tab.


On the System tab, turn off the toggle for the “Continue running background apps while Microsoft Edge is closed” option.


Once you do this, Edge won’t run web apps or extensions in the background. However, if you install an extension or an application that needs to run in the background, the “Continue running background applications while Microsoft Edge is closed” button will be activated again.

Other Browsers

Google Chrome and other Chromium browsers like Brave, Vivaldi, etc. have a similar process to Edge. If you are using Mozilla Firefox or Opera, there is no option to stop background usage. In fact, Mozilla Firefox and Opera don’t support web applications and don’t run in the background at all.

Closing remarks

This is a way to disable browser in the background in Windows 10. For any further issues or questions, let me know in the comments below.

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