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How to Unblock Web Page Elements with uBlock Origin

How to Unblock Web Page Elements with uBlock Origin

When using an ad blocker, you may occasionally run across websites where important content is obviously missing, or some site functionality is broken. This is generally caused by overzealous filters blocking an important script or image. Thankfully, you can manually override any rule in uBlock Origin.

To unblock any element, you need to open the uBlock Origin network logger, you can do this by clicking the uBlock Origin icon in the extensions bar, then clicking on the “Open the logger” icon that is second from the right at the bottom of the popup window.


Click the Origin icon, then click the “Open the logger” icon, to open the network logger.

There are two types of filters, tissue filters and cosmetic filters. Network filters block resource requests, preventing them from being downloaded. Cosmetic filters have elements that are loaded on the page.

Disabling network filters

The network filter appears highlighted in red in the network recorder. Find the filter that you want to overwrite, then click on the second, third, or fifth column to open the rule detail view.

Next, you need to switch to the URL rules tab. Here you can see the URL of the blocked resource. If you just want to unblock the right resource, you can unblock it with the top entry. If you prefer to unblock directories, potentially unblocking many items with one rule, you can unblock any of the lower list entries.

Whichever level of resource you want to unblock, you must use the left column to mark it as gray or green. The gray filter option means “No operation” while green means it is possible, both settings will unblock the blocked element.


Find the item you want to block, then apply the gray or green rule to unblock it.

After you apply a replacement, click the small refresh icon in the upper right corner of the URL rules tab to reload the target page with filter replacement in place. If a replacement does not fix the problem, you should revert the changes and try again. If overriding works, click the lock icon at the top left of the URL rules tab to save the override.

Disabling cosmetic filters

Cosmetic filters appear highlighted in yellow in the tissue filter. After you identify the filter that you want to deactivate, click the second, third, or fifth column of each row to open the filter details.

Leave the filter detailed information open, and return to the window and webre tab that you are trying to fix. Right-click on the Origin uBlock icon on the extension bar, then select “Options” from the right-click menu.


Open the default uBlock settings panel by right-clicking on the icon and selecting “Options”.

In the uBlock Origin option, switch to the “My Filters” tab. To replace the cosmetic filter, you must enter the following details from the detail view you previously opened: “<Context> # @ # <Filter>”. This filter is detailed which means: On the <Context> website, apply the cosmetic filter exception, to <Filter>.


To unblock a cosmetic filter, enter the cosmetic filter exception in the format: “# @ #”, as in this example.

After you enter the cosmetic filter exception, click “Apply changes” in the upper left of the “My filters” tab, then refresh the affected page. If the cosmetic filter exception is applied correctly, the relevant elements will now be seen, and entries in the network logger will appear with a crossed out effect.


If the cosmetic filter exception is applied correctly, the relevant elements will be seen, and the network logger entry will have a crossed out effect.

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