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How to update and reinstall Realtek HD Audio Manager

How to update and reinstall Realtek HD Audio Manager

Because sound is one of the most important components of any operating system, we always have to install it properly, use a management program to have audio equipment that works well for use, and enjoy music, movies and the like.

The Realtek HD driver is the most widely used sound driver, and that includes the Audio Manager that allows us to output sound from our computer. Are you wondering how to update and reinstall Realtek HD Audio Manager? Here are some answers.



Because many of the applications we use must be updated, so does Realtek HD Audio Manager. If not, you might experience some problems with sound on your computer. So, if you’ve experienced some problems with sound, you might need to check if your driver requires an update. To update Realtek HD Audio Manager, you must do this.

First, open the Start menu and look for Device Manager. When found, click on it. in the window that opens you will see Audio input and output. Click the arrow on the left side of this header so that the list below can be displayed. Find the title of Speaker (Realtek High Definition Audio). Now, use your right mouse button to click on it, and a list of options will appear. You must find and click the Update Driver option.

These are usually updated by windows automatically, but can sometimes be missed, so you have to do it. Realtek HD Audio Manager will be updated now. But that doesn’t have to mean that the latest update is the best, and you might want to choose another version because another version might give you more. To do this, you must manually update the software.

Manual Updates

To update Realtek HD Audio Manager manually, open Device Manager and click the right mouse button on Realtek High Definition Audio and select the Update Driver option. Now, you will have a window with two options open. You can choose the option for automatic software updates or manually by selecting “Browse my computer for driver software”. Click on the manual method, and then select the option named “Let me choose from the list of drivers available on my computer”

In the next step, you will select the driver from the list and confirm by pressing the Next button. It takes a few minutes for the driver to be updated and after it is complete, make sure to restart your computer.


If you have a duplicate driver, it can cause you to not make a sound from the computer. This can be annoying if you don’t know where you made a mistake, so make sure you don’t duplicate drivers. In other words, before you download a new one, make sure to uninstall the existing one. To do this, open the Device Manager.

Click on the Start menu and search for Device Manager. Find the Realtek Audio drivers under the Sound section and click on them with the right mouse button. From the menu that appears, click the Uninstall Device option. Press the Uninstall button and you will complete the process.

Now, you are ready to download new drivers which can be found on the official Realtek website, or you can use the Easy Driver application that will scan your computer and check if there are drivers. There is an Update All option, which will update all drivers for your computer’s needs to function properly.

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